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October 29, 2013
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Kazer Lamkin - PKMN Armonia App by BenjieJay Kazer Lamkin - PKMN Armonia App by BenjieJay
App for :iconpkmn-armonia:

EDIT 1: I got in!!!!! Holy crap I was actually worried that I wasn't going to get in XD :happybounce:

EDIT 2: After a while I decided that with Kazer becoming a bit more normally outgoing to take out the whole hiding under his collar thing I had going in the other version XD

EDIT 3: Made him taller cause he was grew and stuff shush, also I added all the moves that Kazer knows so far and hopefully it will continue to grow as he starts to work out and participate in the Self Defence club.

EDIT 4: With the addition of the Mirage College in Armonia Kazer has moved up to a higher level of slacking off.


:bulletred: Name: Kazer Lamkin

:bulletred: Age: 20

:bulletred: Gender: Male

:bulletred: Pokemon: Zangoose 

:bulletred: Birthday: January 12th

:bulletred: Height: 5ft 3in (He's grown quite a bit good for him with his late growth spurs XD)

:bulletred: Weight: 130 lbs.

:bulletred: Nature: Relaxed

:bulletred: Ability: Immunity

:bulletred: Hometown: Mauville City

:bulletred: Personality: 

    :new: After being at the Institue for a while and meeting some friends he's starting become more outgoing normally instead of just keeping to himself most of the time.It is hard to approach Kazer for the first time because most people try to start up a normal conversation, which he can't usually participate in given his medical condition. He will try to see if someone knows sign language first before seeing if the medicine has soothed his vocal chords enough to talk.However once you get to know him and his different ways of communication you will find a very loving and fun-having zangoose. His most outgoing time is when he is at his turntable or out in the dance floor loving the music. With the uprising of twitter throughout the campus it lets him be more social when not able to talk. He will hardly ever tell anybody that he's a DJ just cause he hears everypone who can string 2 songs together call themselves that, where as he creates his own music. He's also a lot more open to just joking around with anyone, girl or guy and can somtimes not exactly know when people are teasing and flirting and will somtimes do the same back.

:bulletred: History:

    Kazer lived in the city of Mauville in the Hoenn region. He was born with a disease in his vocal chords called Vocal Chord Paresis, which in his case caused mild reduction in vocal volume and a small pain when speaking. As he got older the disease got worse and made his voice a whisper at best and his throat hurt more, and they were starting to give him medicine to try to help him. The medicine would help the voice volume a little bit, thus to help with communication he learned sign language over his young years so that if the medicine didn't work he could still talk in some fashion. Despite his illness he still tried his best to make friends, but it was rather difficult seeing as how sign language isn't widely known.

He tried to make friends with the other students but having a voice that barely worked made it difficult, so difficult that after a while he stopped trying to make friends as he thought it futile. Therefore he just spent most of his school years after that sitting in his room playing whatever games he could get him hands on, because no one cares about your voice when you're typing. His whole obsession with techno music and djing started one day when they had a concert at his middle school, which he was thinking about skipping like some students since they didn't think it'd be anything important. The teachers however heard about the plans that quite a few students had about skipping, so they cracked down and made sure every student went.

Needless to say, he thought it was awesome. He loved the sound of the music, the light show, ambiance, and the fun the DJ was having. It was one of the first times in his life that he actually went out of his way to socialize. He danced with others for a little of the concert, but mostly just hung out with the other people around the speakers who loved the music. Afterwards though he went and saw the DJ as he was packing up to go home and asked him how he could get into this whole DJ business. The DJ knelled down to him to be face to face and asked him if his parents would be all right with having him give Kazer some lessons first to see if he liked it before going off and buying the expensive software. His parents happily agreed to it and it gave Kazer a way to express himself other then gaming all day long.

The first couple of lessons were to teach about the hardware and software and how to use it properly. Then they got into the actual mixing of the music, which took a few lessons before Kazer started to get a small feel for it. After these lessons the DJ told Kazer that if he wanted to continue he should get the software and continue on his own to find his own style. The DJ gave Kazer his old standard turntable and told him where to get the software, which Kazer immediately turned around and asked for for Christmas. When Kazer got the software it took a while to get everything set up before he was able to start mixing himself. This actually helped him make some friends because having a friend who's a DJ is pretty neat. Because of his interest in mixing music it made him fit in with the party crowd who did their best to look past the vocal problem to see who he was.  

When high school rolled around he was thrown around a bit because of the normal frosh week activities, but being in a rather large social group in his grade helped the ease into the new school. However his group of friends quickly met the partying group of high school, and partying meant an entire different thing in high school. It wasn't long before him and his friends had become part of the high school partiers, which eventually had an effect on his grades since high school partying meant staying up all night and drinking. While Kazer never drank he did still stay up late most nights and his grades were suffering because of it. He would blow off school work to party.  The group he was in was also considered the "popular" group of the school, which most people wouldn't abandon. His parents noticed that the partying was affecting his grades and asked why he was doing it, to which he responded with "I don't want to lose my friends." After failing grade 10 his parents were wondering what to do. They didn't want him to lose the friends he liked so much but they also didn't want his grades to suffer. After the school started to crack down on the tom-foolery most of Kazer's friends had been kicked out, which left Kazer kinda lonely seeing as how most of his friends weren't in his school anymore.

His parents noticed the change in Kazer and decided that now would be a great time to try something else. They found an article about a private school that was entering it's third term and that the reviews were really good. They showed it to their son and he was very sceptical about it, being away from home and all, but after some convincing from his parents about being on his own and being an adult he finally gave in. He nodded that he would go to this new school and try to give it a shot at least to try to find some better friends and try to enjoy school.

:bulletred: Summary characteristic: Alert to sounds (Can easily pinpoint sounds easier)

:bulletred: Hobbies:
-Mixing new tracks and messing with the sounds and music
-Chillaxing and playing some online games
-Any kind of shooting sport (paintball, Nerf, etc...)
-Teaching people sign language so he can communicate with them easier

Pokemon Lvl: 25

:bulletred: Main Moveset:
:iconnormaltypeplz: Slash
:iconnormaltypeplz: Swords Dance
:icongroundtypeplz: Dig
:iconnormaltypeplz: Crush Claw

Quick Attack
Fury Cutter

:bulletred: Favourite berry flavour: He prefers sweet, but doesn't mind any except for dry

:bulletred: School: School of Arts

:bulletred: Major: Performing Arts - Music

:bulletred: House Affiliation: Tesla House

:bulletred: School Schedule:

Math (II)

Health & Sex Ed.

Tech Ed.

:bulletred: Extras/Fun Facts:
-Some parts of his main attire glow when underneath a blacklight
-Finds it awkward around any girls alone, because he feels like they expect him to say something first...but he most likely can't
-If it matters for any of the other gamers in school, he likes WoW (World of Warcraft), LoL (League of Legends), and Starcraft 2
-If he's not outside doing sports he's usually inside unless he's chilling outside with good friend(s)
-He dulls his claws so that he doesn’t unwillingly hurt someone
-More of a night person then a morning person
-Even while he's quite relaxed don't take that to mean that he can't hold his own in a fight
-When it comes to fighting his strongest point is being able to withstand as well as pull off reversals
-He reaaaaally wants to learn how to breakdance, or just dance in general
-Has started to feel a little lonely after a while of not having a pet like he did at home
-Usually forgets to order more of his medicine and has to go a few days straight without talking
-Can stay awake in class if there's work being done, but if it's a lecture class he's as good as alseep XD
-Has almost no idea about love and is almost oblivious to a crush on him
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