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Hilary Notara (Armonia/MC) by BenjieJay
Hilary Notara (Armonia/MC)
I think it's time to bring in my old Character from PKMNU since this school now has a college and I can actually do things here with her~ :dummy:

Update 1: She's in Amity~!

Name: Hilary Notara

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Species: Ditto

Birthday: April 11th

 Nature/Summary Characteristic: Jolly/Impetuous and Silly

Ability: Limber

Level: 35

Hometown: Celadon City 

Height: 5' 4"

Weight: 130lbs

Hilary is no normal girl her age. She is more interested in technology then anything else, and is quite the inner geek because of it. If nothing is going on Hilary will almost always be in her room on her computer or playing games, but if one or more of her friends are doing something she will not hesitate to join them. She will also go looking around from time to time to see if there is anything going on before returning to her cave. She is a very bubbly girl and she is very trusting and open to hanging around and playing with girls and guys equally. However she gets very flustered when introduced to a situation or idea that she is unfamiliar with. She can almost never hold a grudge against anyone, and doesn't understand how people can stay mad at each other for very long. While it appears that she is the kind to adhere to her own ways, she is very easily influenced about everything. Being a ditto she can transform/morph, but only does so when absolutely needed like avoiding people/things and battling. She prefers to stay in her ditto form most of the time because the blank ditto stare only happens when she transforms, and she thinks it freaks people out.
Hilary was a first born and proceeded to be a single child for her home life. She was the normalish child girl even though she was a ditto, playing with dolls and all the normal jazz. Only difference was as she grew up she always saw her Dad playing around with technology, anything from rigging up the TV to assembling his own computer, and Hilary loved watching as well as helping. It was normal for her as she grew up to be more technologically inclined, using the computer and other tech toys more then others her age. Her fascination with technology lead to her spending most of her time around those objects and has given her a feeling of almost need to have technology in her life. With her bubbly nature she had a lot of friends going through school and was always happy with how things went.

Hilary's life started to get a bit hectic as she was approaching the end of her grade school days, when she didn't even know what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. All of her friends already knew what it was that they wanted to pursue as a career and already knew what they had to do to get it. Hilary on the other hand was completely clueless as to what she wanted to take later on, until she experienced a certain class. Upon talking to her guidance counsellor the counsellor told her that since she liked technology so much that maybe she should try the beginner programming class they had to see if she would like it. She signed up for the class and found it kinda hard and weird at first, but got to liking the subject and was soon anticipating the class everyday. It was then that she finally had an idea of what she wanted to do as a job, she wanted to be some kind of programmer. As the end to her grade school years approached she looked around for a University that had a programming course, and found one to apply for. Now she just had to wait to see if she got in.

During her time at the University she had met tons of new people and made friendships that would last a while, and had even managed to score a girlfriend that she would do anything for. After a while the University had to inevitably close down for reasons Hilary still has yet to understand, but none-the-less she talked with her girlfriend and they decided to move in together until they managed to figure out what to do. They had found out about a new college and the ditto's girlfriend applied immediately, however Hilary could not do so. They had locked into the lease on their place so Hilary told her that she could go while she lived out the last little bit of the lease, and would meet her afterwards. Once the lease was over she moved back home to live while she awaited the response from the place her girlfriend went, Mirage College

-Video Games
-Social Media
-Chillaxin' or doing activities in a group
-Messing around with electronics
-Trying to learn how to cook foods (though most places that have seen her cook are left rather...destroyed)
-Playing Music
-Using her transformation to play jokes on close friends


Favourite Flavour: Spicy

School: Sciences

Major:  Computer Science

House Affiliation: Amity

-School of Science

Extra Info:
-Her goo, while looking somewhat slimy and gooey, actually only looks that way and it actually feels like rubber /play-doh almost
-Has a HUGE thing for goldmagikarp crackers
-If she is without technology she feels naked, she always has some tech thing on her
-Will most likely only go out to a party or the like if she's with someone(s) else, otherwise will stay where the people she knows are
-she is always open to do anything though, she runs on the Open Door Policy
-Very easily influenced
-Likes to blast music quite a lot and has the speakers to do so with, so don't be surprised if music comes bellowing from her room. She mainly like party and techno music, but has her days when she'll listen to almost anything.
-Is EXTREMELY competitive when it comes to games.
Izzy Kira-PKMN Vyse by BenjieJay
Izzy Kira-PKMN Vyse

For the group opening in :iconpkmn-vyse: hopefully I get in~
“Hey guys how’s your health plan?” shots fired at her “Apparently it’s GREAT!”

-Name: Isabelle “Izzy” Kira (not knowing her past self simply took her caretaker’s last name)

-Age: considers herself 24

-Gender: Female

-Pokemon: Duskull

-Birthday: Febuary 10th (the day she became a ghost)

-Height: 5’ 2”

-Weight: 135 lbs

-Ability: Levitate

-Nature: Sassy

-Characteristic: Likes to fight



Growing up in a job she’s extremely loyal to those she knows, whether it be job related or personal. Treating those close to her like family and not afraid to get in someone’s face to back up one of those close to her in any way.


This refers to the good side of persistence where she will not quit a job until it is done completely, not let someone go until she’s sure the person she was taking care of is completely fine to go on their own. No matter then odds, if it needs to be done and it’s her 12th try you can bet on the fact that if she fails she will try again for the 13th try.

[+]Happy demeanor:

As a generally happy outlook on everything, not believing that anything is worth really worrying over at all. She is like this even to an extreme of being on a mission with a rather deep wound and still managing to be her normal joking and sassy self. Although with this almost always happy demeanor it gives some people the thought that she may be a tiny bit mentally unstable…which is partially true.


She can be quite impulsive sometimes and this can be both good and bad depending on how her impulsiveness is talked about. This could be quite bad if her impulsiveness results in her jumping head into the enemy before even thinking of any kind of a strategy, exit entrance or other strategy. This could also be quite good if a situation calls upon being able to instinctively act where sitting trying to make a plan would fail to do anything at all, letting her impulsive quick-thinking mind to do good instead of bad.


She is normally this way, being rather rude in any way from cracking jokes to just straight up being an ass to someone. Even though people who are close to her have usually gotten used to this and don’t pay much attention to it, it still presents a rather negative part of her personality that can make her initially come off as a bitch or other.


It is not unknown of her to be proud to the point of too much, never backing down from an insult until she has proven something. She feels like she has worked really hard to get to where she is and will not be afraid to back herself up with everything she has, including her fists. And if challenged to any kind of activity, from fight to a sport to “Hey bet you can’t eat this”, she will NOT back down no matter how much anyone tries to desuade her.


There is no denying that this duskull is stubborn to NO end, and no one could tell you that more than her “Mom”. There would be times when she would be told to stay back and not go in, and when asked to go in since something had changed she would laugh and snark at the fact that she was asked to not go in. She could be told that doing something a certain would be dangerous or wrong, but not listen and do it her way anyway since what could others know about her situation? Always doing the job her way, feeling that everything was fine as long as the job was done.


Izzy simply woke up one day in an abandoned house with absolutely no memory of what had happened in the house or why she was there or even who she herself was. There were bullet holes and burned parts everywhere in the house, like the aftermath of something really bad. In her almost dreamlike state she exited the house and was greeted by a group of individuals, who then looked like they had all seen a ghost and she was quite concerned as to why that was. The only person who dared approach her was a woman who spoke in a very demanding tone, and asked her to come with her and that everything would be fine. She found the tone extremely irritating to listen to but figured any lead to this weird mess was better than nothing.

In her time with the woman she was being escorted back to the headquarters of the woman and the operation she ran, whatever it was. On the drive she was informed that she was one of the few that had their soul turned into a manifestation of a ghost pokemon, and had essentially been given a second life. She pressed forward for any information that could give her an idea of her past but was given nothing, simply being told that she could live however she wanted and not be bound to who she used to be. In her frustrated fever of confusion she almost demanded the woman give her a name, at least something to start off, to which she was given the name ‘Isabelle’. Along with the name she was given an opportunity, because here was a ghost pokemon who looked like she had no real idea of what to do and could easily be molded to what she needed. Isabelle was given the offer to stay with the woman, on the sole basis that she would join the agency as a freelancer directly under her command, to which the duskull itching for a direction in this new life jumped on immediately, even if she was informed that the agency wasn’t on good standards with the military.

Over the next decade she lived like a normalish person, except instead of growing up with school she grew up with training regimens of battle tactics, hand-to-hand combat, and fire arms practice, as well as living in a world where to her the military was bad and hated them. The woman who had taken her in was the closest thing to a mother figure in her life, and so was treating the woman like her mother in every form. Doing her training and helping out where she could cause she felt obliged to help, but also being rebellious at times and with her ‘mom’ always running the company was not given much punishment for the rebelliousness, letting her turn more and more rebellious over time. Not being

In the next few years she was one of the top fighters in their agency but not one of the best in general by a mile, her rash actions and quick to act behaviour costing her team many missions that could have been done if they had just been thought out. And her fighting strategy only being as useful as she had ammo to use with it made her usefulness in long drawn out battles lack-luster. And that was exactly what kind of battle happened one night, their compound getting awoken to the sound of red alerts to signal it. The government had finally found whatever information it needed to finally front an assault on their organization. The battle lasted awhile with her on the frontline and then moving to the flanking squad because of her movement capabilities, only to be taken completely surprised when they went to flank. They were greeted with a force vastly greater than their own and they fought the hardest they could, none of them expecting to get out alive and were mainly stalling time now. Isabelle was the last one alive, backed up against a crevice as they offered her to option to jump to her death or be taken by them, to which she simply, in all her normal fashion, stood up and flipped them all off as she fell backwards off the ledge. She was no stranger to falling from a great height as she spun to face the ground, starting to fire round and round down at the ground in hopes to slow herself. She had slowed her fall decently until she ran out of ammo with not much distance down to go, letting herself slam into the snowy ground and blacking out from the sheer force.

When she came back to she was quite injured from the fall but not dead, so that was a plus. She got up, favoring one of her legs as she assumed it was either extremely bruised or even broken from the fall, same was thought about her arm. She trudged through the crevice until she found a passage up to the service and proceeded to the home she knew, hoping to find the place in a mess but standing none-the-less. When she finally found it she just collapsed down onto her knees, tears welling up in her eyes as she looked to the smoking sight of her home with tons of guards around the facility. They had lost the battle, and who knows at what costs, but she was not stupid enough to go back. She simply turned away with a wiping away of her tears and trudged in the direction of the city she knew well, and just outside the city called upon her one trusted contact and could barely get through the call before collapsing at the gates from the exhaustion of her body from the battle and the travel while injured.

When she awoke she was in an infirmary with a broken arm and a heavily bruised leg, and her contact to relay to her how the fight was lost and that the agency was no more. As the only surviving member she had no idea of what to do, her actions in the agency leaving her with an unsavory reputation in the law. Her contact felt like her owed the agency one last deed and bought Isabelle a ticket to the newly growing planet of Vyse, thinking it could get her a new start to whatever she wanted to do whether it be continue being a freelancer or not. She accepted the ticket with happiness and thanked him one last time before going off to the mysterious planet, planning to play it by ear but knew deep down inside she was probably not going to be turning into a normal citizen anytime soon, she wasn’t that kinda gal.

-Job: N/A


Future Sight

Shadow Sneak

Shadow Ball

Destiny Bond


Watching her favorite shows

Playing precision activities like pool or darts

Sparring and practicing her fighting/shooting

Watching love movies in secret (her guilty pleasure)

Watching Spaceball (some futuristic sport) matches

-Favorite food/flavor: She loves spicy foods of any kinds, having a huge sweet spot for Gochujang Meatballs which is a meatball a rather powerful kick to meatballs.

-Fighting Style(Cool to explain):

Her fighting style uses twin arm cannons that fire from a slot just over her knuckle, however the trigger to fire them is to literally punch. The force of the punch acting like the trigger to fire, and the backswing being able to act as the cocking mechanic like that of a shotgun. The type of ammunition being essentially that of a plasma shotgun, however she can switch between two modes. One mode being close range, acting to that of a flare by taking the ammo and causing it explode out of the barrel, doing tons of splash damage and have tons of force. This means that she can also use the shots for mobility shooting behind her to increase her speed or shooting below herself to slow a fall or to jump higher than normal.  The second mode being more long range, acting more towards a pistol or shots.

-Extras/Fun Facts:

Her sarcastic and blunt behaviour is not a face for anything, she is just naturally that way.

Calls the woman who found her first in her ghost form her “Mom”

While she acts all happy-go-lucky and asshole-ish, she does have a very soft side that no one but her “mom” knew about, hense why she loves watching lovey movies in secret.

She’s Bi in orientation, while slightly preferring other females.

Had her arm cannon weapons custom made for her.

In battle she is a loose cannon, able to think straight but could easily go into an almost a blood-rageish stage, not thinking like herself and instead like a feral animal.

You can tell that she’s taken a liking to you if her usual behaviour isn’t as hardcore sarcastic, and if you hold a special place in her heat (for whatever reason) she will try to hold back her sarcasm as much as possible and be a little more giggly and normal.

Has been surviving off bounty tasks until now, looking for something to fall back into like how she used to live, a job regardless of the alignment with authorities.

I'm not dead, js. I'm going to spend this weekend doing some art to ease myself back into the swing.
St. Mortiel - Texas Killiad by BenjieJay
St. Mortiel - Texas Killiad

:bulletpurple: Name - Texas Killiad (also doesn’t mind being called Tex)

:bulletpurple: Age - 17 (October 14th)

:bulletpurple: Gender - Female

:bulletpurple: Pokémon - Zigzagoon #263

:bulletpurple: Ability - Quick Feet

:bulletpurple: Nature - Bold

:bulletpurple: Summary characteristic – Somewhat Stubborn

:bulletpurple: Height - 5ft 2in

:bulletpurple: Weight - 120lbs

:bulletpurple: Type - Normal

:bulletpurple: Hometown - Mawville City

:bulletpurple: Personality - 
Texas is fairly bubbly and outgoing, not minding to be the person to strike up conversation. No matter the first impression it doesn't take long to show that she's rather straight-forward when she talks, not really holding back what she's thinking and not really having a filter. This has gotten her in trouble on more than one occasion. Tex also feels very close to the friends she does have, and doesn't like having them being smack talked about behind their backs. She's fairly protective of the friends she does have and wants to keep them. Because of her closeness and protectiveness of her friends she tends to hate being alone for a long period of time, feeling a little upset and alone if she doesn’t have friend interaction for a while(making her look kind of clingy)

However Tex lacks quite a bit in the foresight department, often acting out without thinking of the consequences of her actions. The combination of this, her lack of a speech filter, and sometimes her protectiveness have gotten her into quite a few problem situations. Although she places a large value on being around friends she still considers herself independent and hates it when people push too much to try to help her with something. Tex also has no trouble trying to embrace new ideas or activities, believing that you don't know about something until you try it out. One aspect that Tex has from her girly side comes from loving to be in the constant know about everything and always loving to talk, being quite pushy when it comes to wanting to find out about something that makes the other party nervous or embarrassed.

TL; DR Bullets :
-Open Minded

:bulletpurple: History - 
Texas was born out in the country just inside the Mawville City limits as the second child and only daughter of her parents. Growing up in the country and as a younger sister didn't give her much chance of being any kind of a girly girl. She was always playing outside, being around her hyperactive brother and following him around wanting to do everything he did. It didn't surprise her parents when she started hanging out with more and more boys. She did have a few female friends but she never found them as fun to be around as the guys, since they were always doing things and having, in her eyes, a lot more fun. In their household she had been told to always speak her mind and to try to value everyone else’s opinions even if she didn’t agree with them, and she always struggled with the last part.

She experienced the first amount of heavy stress in her life when her brother left the house. She was so sad to see him go, the person she always confided in and went to when she was sad was now moving out of the house. This caused a small sad period in her life, though not very noticeable around her friends but apparent at home. With her brother gone she was now that only kid in the house, with no one else for her parents to be in charge of. This lead to make her more reliant on her close friends to vent or confined in instead of her brother, starting to develop her clinginess to those close to her.

Once she got a bit older she was beginning to enter a rough time at school and with her peers since she had a certain lack of a filter. Her mouth was getting her into trouble, being either the main cause of it or just the ignition of the problem. Since she never really thought before she spoke it was sparking fights with people and causing her to get in trouble at school. All this was making her frustrated, she couldn't understand why people were getting mad at her for speaking her mind when she did it all the time at home and nothing big came of it. To cope with the hardships going on she was hanging out with her friends a lot more then she used to and sometimes venting to them, hardly being at home and disregarding her studies and causing her grades to drop and further her clinginess.

She never really talked to her parents or opened up to them in any way, she just kept in all inside and then dumped it on her friends that would listen, so they had no way of really knowing why her marks were dropping and why she was often never wanting to be home. After a while of Texas refusing to talk to her parents and the situation not improving the guidance councillor set up a meeting with her parents to talk about possible actions. After a while he suggested a private academy, thinking that all Tex needed was a fresh start. Her parents agreed and hoped that the new school could fix Tex's outspoken-ness, as well as give her a much better education then where she currently was.

:bulletpurple: Lvl 30
:bulletpurple: Main Moveset:
Sand Attack
Pin Missile

Other moves:
Tail Whip
Baby-Doll Eyes
Oder Sleuth
Mud Sport

TM/HM/Egg/Tutor Moves:
Double Team

:bulletpurple: School Schedule:
Anatomy and Physiology
Japenese I
Literature and Composition II
Mixed Media I
P.E. and Health IV

:bulletpurple: Extra Curricular Activities:
L.G.B.T Association 
Soccer Team

:bulletpurple: Extras/Fun Stuff -
Loves anything that has to do with being active outside, one of her favorite pastimes is to practice her agility and nimbleness.
Loves to run around cities doing parkour, and has a lot more fun with others who do it as well
She participated in gymnastics for a while so she's quite flexible and nimble.
Will only act like her girly hidden self when only with people she knows well
She's Bi, with a slight preference for girls
She carries around an everstone, using it to save her evolution for when she thinks she's officially an adult
She gets along better with guys since she grew up in a group of mostly boys
Knows a little bit of hip hop dance moves, but isn't good cause she never took classes (but she wants to)
Can be quite touchy-feely when hanging with friends, sometimes being mistaken as flirting or interest.

So with school being over for me now I finally have some time to get back to my art that I had to put on the backburner as I no-lifed to get good-grades. With this new start at my art I've realized I'm part of a lot of groups that I really just don't care for anymore, or have for a while and just never wanted to leave.

The first group I'm droppin is :iconpokemon-of-avalon: Honestly I've been kinda dead with this group for a while, I was active at the start with rp's and stuff but I kinda died off. And looking at it now I find it hard to get back into it, even giving Hiroki a make-over didn't save the group for me. So in the end I'm just dropping the group since and putting Hiroki off to the side to maybe use in another group as a 2nd OC or just drawing him for fun.

The second group is :iconpkmn-street: This one was me trying to relive the old days of PokePark by bringing Eonie back to life ad using her, but it didn't exactly feel right as I rp'ed her again and I feel like she was better just being left and not re-made. Hense I'm dropping this group so I don't feel presured to make art for it and rp in it.

So now my main focus is going to be on Armonia and PKMNU as well as drawing stuff I enjoy. Plan to see some actual pokemon(not anthros) and some Elsword in the future, maybe some random stuff like some LoL stuff or anything I just feel like drawing that day. I'm planning on working on my art and getting better at the places I feel I'm lacking in, and maybe opening up commisions once I get a bigger base then the 28 watchers I have(and my art gets up to comm standards |'D)

TL;DR- I'm dropping groups I will never be active in and focusing on widening my art from just rp groups and pokemon anthros with comms opening up in the EXTREME long run.
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Lots of J-Rock
  • Reading: Nadda
  • Watching: Twitch streams
  • Playing: Elsword and LoL
  • Eating: Jolly Ranchers
  • Drinking: Blue Kool-Aid


BenjieJay's Profile Picture
Benjie Jay
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm just a high school senior that wants to work on my art, roleplay, and have a fun time doing it.

I also liverstream sometimes when I'm gaming over at

My Skype is: benjie.jardine

For anyone looking for a gaming community to join, feel free to come over and join me, my friends, and everyone else over at Fever Gaming.…

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