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I'm not dead, js. I'm going to spend this weekend doing some art to ease myself back into the swing.
St. Mortiel - Texas Killiad by BenjieJay
St. Mortiel - Texas Killiad

:bulletpurple: Name - Texas Killiad (also doesn’t mind being called Tex)

:bulletpurple: Age - 17 (October 14th)

:bulletpurple: Gender - Female

:bulletpurple: Pokémon - Zigzagoon #263

:bulletpurple: Ability - Quick Feet

:bulletpurple: Nature - Bold

:bulletpurple: Summary characteristic – Somewhat Stubborn

:bulletpurple: Height - 5ft 2in

:bulletpurple: Weight - 120lbs

:bulletpurple: Type - Normal

:bulletpurple: Hometown - Mawville City

:bulletpurple: Personality - 
Texas is fairly bubbly and outgoing, not minding to be the person to strike up conversation. No matter the first impression it doesn't take long to show that she's rather straight-forward when she talks, not really holding back what she's thinking and not really having a filter. This has gotten her in trouble on more than one occasion. Tex also feels very close to the friends she does have, and doesn't like having them being smack talked about behind their backs. She's fairly protective of the friends she does have and wants to keep them. Because of her closeness and protectiveness of her friends she tends to hate being alone for a long period of time, feeling a little upset and alone if she doesn’t have friend interaction for a while(making her look kind of clingy)

However Tex lacks quite a bit in the foresight department, often acting out without thinking of the consequences of her actions. The combination of this, her lack of a speech filter, and sometimes her protectiveness have gotten her into quite a few problem situations. Although she places a large value on being around friends she still considers herself independent and hates it when people push too much to try to help her with something. Tex also has no trouble trying to embrace new ideas or activities, believing that you don't know about something until you try it out. One aspect that Tex has from her girly side comes from loving to be in the constant know about everything and always loving to talk, being quite pushy when it comes to wanting to find out about something that makes the other party nervous or embarrassed.

TL; DR Bullets :
-Open Minded

:bulletpurple: History - 
Texas was born out in the country just inside the Mawville City limits as the second child and only daughter of her parents. Growing up in the country and as a younger sister didn't give her much chance of being any kind of a girly girl. She was always playing outside, being around her hyperactive brother and following him around wanting to do everything he did. It didn't surprise her parents when she started hanging out with more and more boys. She did have a few female friends but she never found them as fun to be around as the guys, since they were always doing things and having, in her eyes, a lot more fun. In their household she had been told to always speak her mind and to try to value everyone else’s opinions even if she didn’t agree with them, and she always struggled with the last part.

She experienced the first amount of heavy stress in her life when her brother left the house. She was so sad to see him go, the person she always confided in and went to when she was sad was now moving out of the house. This caused a small sad period in her life, though not very noticeable around her friends but apparent at home. With her brother gone she was now that only kid in the house, with no one else for her parents to be in charge of. This lead to make her more reliant on her close friends to vent or confined in instead of her brother, starting to develop her clinginess to those close to her.

Once she got a bit older she was beginning to enter a rough time at school and with her peers since she had a certain lack of a filter. Her mouth was getting her into trouble, being either the main cause of it or just the ignition of the problem. Since she never really thought before she spoke it was sparking fights with people and causing her to get in trouble at school. All this was making her frustrated, she couldn't understand why people were getting mad at her for speaking her mind when she did it all the time at home and nothing big came of it. To cope with the hardships going on she was hanging out with her friends a lot more then she used to and sometimes venting to them, hardly being at home and disregarding her studies and causing her grades to drop and further her clinginess.

She never really talked to her parents or opened up to them in any way, she just kept in all inside and then dumped it on her friends that would listen, so they had no way of really knowing why her marks were dropping and why she was often never wanting to be home. After a while of Texas refusing to talk to her parents and the situation not improving the guidance councillor set up a meeting with her parents to talk about possible actions. After a while he suggested a private academy, thinking that all Tex needed was a fresh start. Her parents agreed and hoped that the new school could fix Tex's outspoken-ness, as well as give her a much better education then where she currently was.

:bulletpurple: Lvl 30
:bulletpurple: Main Moveset:
Sand Attack
Pin Missile

Other moves:
Tail Whip
Baby-Doll Eyes
Oder Sleuth
Mud Sport

TM/HM/Egg/Tutor Moves:
Double Team

:bulletpurple: School Schedule:
Anatomy and Physiology
Japenese I
Literature and Composition II
Mixed Media I
P.E. and Health IV

:bulletpurple: Extra Curricular Activities:
L.G.B.T Association 
Soccer Team

:bulletpurple: Extras/Fun Stuff -
Loves anything that has to do with being active outside, one of her favorite pastimes is to practice her agility and nimbleness.
Loves to run around cities doing parkour, and has a lot more fun with others who do it as well
She participated in gymnastics for a while so she's quite flexible and nimble.
Will only act like her girly hidden self when only with people she knows well
She's Bi, with a slight preference for girls
She carries around an everstone, using it to save her evolution for when she thinks she's officially an adult
She gets along better with guys since she grew up in a group of mostly boys
Knows a little bit of hip hop dance moves, but isn't good cause she never took classes (but she wants to)
Can be quite touchy-feely when hanging with friends, sometimes being mistaken as flirting or interest.

So with school being over for me now I finally have some time to get back to my art that I had to put on the backburner as I no-lifed to get good-grades. With this new start at my art I've realized I'm part of a lot of groups that I really just don't care for anymore, or have for a while and just never wanted to leave.

The first group I'm droppin is :iconpokemon-of-avalon: Honestly I've been kinda dead with this group for a while, I was active at the start with rp's and stuff but I kinda died off. And looking at it now I find it hard to get back into it, even giving Hiroki a make-over didn't save the group for me. So in the end I'm just dropping the group since and putting Hiroki off to the side to maybe use in another group as a 2nd OC or just drawing him for fun.

The second group is :iconpkmn-street: This one was me trying to relive the old days of PokePark by bringing Eonie back to life ad using her, but it didn't exactly feel right as I rp'ed her again and I feel like she was better just being left and not re-made. Hense I'm dropping this group so I don't feel presured to make art for it and rp in it.

So now my main focus is going to be on Armonia and PKMNU as well as drawing stuff I enjoy. Plan to see some actual pokemon(not anthros) and some Elsword in the future, maybe some random stuff like some LoL stuff or anything I just feel like drawing that day. I'm planning on working on my art and getting better at the places I feel I'm lacking in, and maybe opening up commisions once I get a bigger base then the 28 watchers I have(and my art gets up to comm standards |'D)

TL;DR- I'm dropping groups I will never be active in and focusing on widening my art from just rp groups and pokemon anthros with comms opening up in the EXTREME long run.
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